Monday, August 1, 2011

FREE VISION SCREENING - Lions Club of Glenroy

Lions Club of Glenroy will provide free vision screen for children aged 4 to 7 inclusive at:-

Pascoe Vale North Primary School,
Kent Road, Pascoe Vale, Victoria
on Saturday 20th August 2011

Meadows Primary School,
Gerbert St, Broadmeadows, Victoria
on Saturday 27th August 2011

TIMES: 9am to 12pm : Closed 12pm to 1pm : 1pm to 4pm

For further information contact Dick Tracy on 9324 6821 or Roger Exell on 9379 6436

Proudly Sponsored by Kangan Institute

Saturday, July 19, 2008

James D. Richardson Awards to the Glenroy Lions Club

This Award is named after James D Richardson, who in 1958 was the first Australian to serve as a Director on the International Board of Directors.

Jim Richardson was one of the most beloved and respected members of Lions in the formative years in Australia. He served in the Royal Australian Air Force during the 1939-45 World war before establishing himself in the Brunswick – Mullumbimby area of New South Wales.

Jim was the second District Governor to be elected in Australia in 1956-57 and the first Australian to serve as a Director on the International Board of Directors in 1958. He was recognised internationally for his magnificent oratory, which held people spellbound at conventions and gatherings of Lions.

The growth of new clubs during his year as District Governor, fifty-two, was never approached again by any District Governor.

The demands he placed upon himself meant that he travelled enormous distances by road, so that he could visit all his Clubs, attend to Association and other business, as well as run his hotel with the great support of his wife Pam. The trains caused him to have Cerebral Thrombosis whilst attending the International Board meeting in New Orleans in 1959. He recovered after a long convalescence, but without his capacity to speak. He was never capable of carrying on a conversation or making a speech but continued to work for Lions at club level and attended conventions.

James D. Richardson BEM was one of the most dedicated and respected early leaders of Lions in Australia. In recognition of him being out first Australian International Director, the Australian Lions Foundation has instituted the James D. Richardson honour award in return for a donation of $500 to the Foundation.

Multiple Richardson Awards may be presented to a person, club or organisation.

Recipients of James D. Richardson Certificate Award from District V1

No.3084 Les Hooke

No.3085 Alan Evans

No.3086 Owen Turner

No.3410 Roger Exell

Recipients of James D. Richardson Certificate Award from District V4

No.393 Laurie Mitchell
No.713 Ken Roberts

No.930 William Gornall
No. 1217 Frank Stephens
No. 1477 John Edmonds
No. 1478 Tom Brandon
No. 1751 James Lindsay Knight
No.1993 Allan Jones
No. 2548 Trevor Barr

Recipients of James D. Richardson Certificate Award from District 201 V1-4

No. 4018 Cynthia Eunson [awarded in June 2008]

No. 4988 Bob Eunson [awarded in June 2011]

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Re-cycle within our community : the Lighthouse Project

Corks from champagne and wine bottles
Corks are donated to raise funds for special projects co-ordinated by Lions Club of Glenroy.
As corks are being replaced by screw tops, we are NOW collecting these tops for the same cause.

Unwanted glasses are donated to Third World Countries for the Gift of Sight.

Ring Pull ups from aluminuim cans are donated to raise funds for Lions Australian Spinal Cord Foundation.

The Stamps at present are being used to raise funds for the Lions Children's Mobility Foundation.
I would prefer the Stamps to be trimmed a 1/4 inch around the stamp edge,
and then please forward to me.

Donations of 8 ply wool (any colour) and knitting needles (size 4mm).
Wraps/blankets are knitted and donated to Third World Countries.
Knitters also needed.

All donations can be dropped off at:-
Kangan Institute
Building C, Pearcedale Parade,
Broadmeadows, Victoria, Australia

Past Presidents of Lions Club of Glenroy

1975-76 Ray Boneham
1976-77 John Morgan
1977-78 Kevin Ryan
1978-79 Kevin Robbins
1978-80 Bill Diamond
1980-81 Bob Symonds
1981-82 John Boyle
1982-83 Laurie Mitchell
1983-84 Wal Lillye
1984-85 Alan Evans
1985-86 Jock McWilliam
1986-87 Laurie Mitchell
1987-88 John Steward
1988-89 Kevin Robbins
1989-90 Bill Gornall [transferred]
1990-91 John Steward
1991-92 Kevin Robbins
1992-93 Bill Gornall [transferred]
1993-94 Laurie Mitchell
1994-95 Kevin Barry
1995-96 Ken Roberts
1996-97 Bill Gornall [transferred]
1997-98 Frank Stephens
1998-99 John Edmonds [deceased]
1999-2000 Lindsay Knight
2000-01 Allan Jones
2001-02 Ken Roberts
2002-03 Trevor Barr [transferred]
2003-04 Ian Cash [resigned]
2004-05 Les Hooke
2005-06 Roger Exell
2006-07 Nick Trewhella
2007-08 Bob Eunson
2008-10 David Jennings
2010-11 Cynthia Eunson